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The global legal Cannabis market is anticipated to reach $75 - 100 billion by 2030 - a CAGR of 20%.

Exponential industry growth is being driven by increasing global legaliszation, recognition of the medical and industrial uses of the plant, coupled with the ending of years of stigma associated with it.

Over 30 countries have legalised
medical Cannabis in recent years

Investing in Silverleaf allows investors the incredible opportunity to invest early into this ecosystem and to benefit from the enormous export and local opportunities this new asset class affords. The Cannabis plant, which is also known as Hemp when it has low levels of THC*, is used in widespread industrial applications such as the production of food, paper, clothing and textiles, packaging, building materials, and bio-fuel as well as wellness, health and beauty products.
* The psychoactive component

Ecological impact of hemp

  • Carbon sequestration
  • Soil remediation
  • Erosion protection
  • Reduced reliance on trees

Growing hemp is good for the planet as it is a super plant and grows to maturity in just 4 months. As an impact investment there is nothing better for us to focus on now!

And then there are the thousands of uses for the harvested crop, not least of which are food, medicine, textiles and building materials...