SilverLeaf Investments is engaging with potential Qualifying Companies across the value chain and has identified early-stage leaders. The fund will split the investment focus into seed and growth stage businesses. The primary focus initially is on cultivation, both greenfield and brownfield operations, and in parallel the establishment of processing and extraction facilities, which have high barriers to entry. There is also focus on the opposite end of the value chain, at retail and consumer level, where trade is already taking place, with investment potential in emerging and established retail brands.

There is a huge need for education, and an investment in this area will stimulate skills development at cultivation level to train growers (and processors) and will therefore ensure viable and consistently high-quality crops. Medical professionals will also be trained in the myriad of healing applications and uses of the plant.

Overall this strategy will diversify the portfolio as well as the risk and will allow SilverLeaf investors the opportunity to broadly participate across the value chain.

Why Invest?

SilverLeaf 12J Investment Fund is the perfect Cannabis investment vehicle offering;

  • An experienced and diverse management team with over 200 years of collective experience
  • Two domain industry experts with knowledge, network and credibility
  • 100% tax deduction in the year the investment is made
  • Targeted returns between 20% and 30% IRR over 5 to 7 years
  • Understanding of the landscape - both regulatory and commercially
  • Access to high-quality investee companies across the value chain
  • Ability to ‘cherry pick’ winners and best of breed
  • An added value through an incubator and hands-on approach

Investment Allocation and Target Returns

Investment Type Percentage of Fund (%) Targeted IRR (%) Average Time Frame of Investment (Years)
Cash on Hand, Call and Fixed Deposits 0 – 100 4 3
Cultivation 0 – 60 22 5
Processing and Manufacturing 0 - 50 20 7
Supply Chain 0 - 40 20 7
Services 0 - 50 15 5
Product Development and Distribution 0 - 50 18 7