There are less than 2 weeks left to claim your 100% tax deduction for making a 12J investment in this tax year and this fund has huge growth potential...

SilverLeaf Investments is a registered Section 12J Venture Capital Company set up to invest in the exciting new asset class of Cannabis, giving investors an opportunity to be part of this high-growth, global, rapidly developing industry. SilverLeaf invests in seed stage, greenfields and brownfields businesses with high growth and high impact potential across the value chain.

More than just capital, we help incubate and grow from seedling to blooming good businesses...

Investment Strategy and Target Returns

  • To Provide growth capital and acquire a minority stake in early stage companies with strong operators that are beginning to emerge in this fledgling industry.
  • To assist carefully selected companies with more than just funding. Bringing extensive networks, opening doors and applying years of extensive experience gathered by our board of directors, we help in a hands-on fashion to build the businesses into assets of value. This includes invitation into an industry incubator - The GreenHouse
  • To invest across the value chain with a focus on areas that are already generating revenue.
  • Targeting leading companies with high returns, global potential and strong management teams the fund is aiming for a conservative Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of between 20 – 30%.
  • Expected to exceed this from year 3 as the industry matures.

Investment Criteria

  • Strong operator and management team with execution excellence. Proven track record.
  • Revenue generating ideally, with a referenceable and growing client base
  • Scalable business model, that has national and international expansion potential
  • High margins and high barriers to entry with some level of unique IP
  • Exit strategy identified and planned for

Deal Flow Channels and Current Opportunities

The primary focus is on;

  • cultivation, both greenfield and brownfield operations
  • the establishment of processing and extraction facilities for both industrial and medicial use
  • education and media
  • retail and consumer level channel to market
  • strong emerging consumer brands

with opportunities sourced from;

  • Board members extensive industry network
  • Industry associations and associates
  • Universities and research institutions
  • The promotion of the fund as widely as possible in traditional and online media

Why Invest

  • Get in on the ground - early stage investment with solid expected returns in a new industry and asset class
  • An experienced and diverse management team with over 200 years of collective experience
  • Two domain industry experts with knowledge, network and credibility
  • Understanding of the landscape - both regulatory and commercially
  • Access to strong deal flow and attractive high-quality investee companies across the value chain leading to a diversified portfolio
  • Ability to 'cherry pick' winners and best of breed
  • Added value through an incubator and hands-on approach, nurturing the investment
  • 12J structure - 100% tax deduction in the year the investment is made at marginal rate.

Target Fund Raise and Fees

  • Target Raise = R50 million
  • Minimum Investment = R 50 000
  • Maximum investment is R2.5 million (For Individuals or Trusts), R5 million for Companies
  • Capital raising fee: 3% once off
  • Management fee: 2.5% per annum, paid quarterly in advance on total capital raised.
  • Performance fee: 20% 'carry' above invested capital as specified in the prospectus.

Exit Opportunities and Planning

  • Trade Deals
  • Management Buyouts
  • Altx Listing

Below, please find all the relevant documentation and an application form to invest.

NOTE IMPORTANTLY: the fund applications close on 28th February 2021 for this tax year, so please ensure that if you would like to invest, you do so in the next 10 days!

We hope to see you investing at the ground floor in this new asset class. It is generating a lot of interest, given the enormous growth potential, and broad reach of the plant and it is incredibly exciting to be at the birth of an industry.

Please feel free to call us for more info or if you have any questions. Our team is on hand!

Documentation Download

Brochure (1,2Mb) Prospectus (1,8Mb) Mandate Application Form (188kb)

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